IBC container washing, maintenance and servicing

NCS supports you in every stage of your project, from manufacture to maintenance and servicing of your metal container. Our cleaning and maintenance solutions meet the needs of industry so that you can reuse your container to store and protect your products. 

Metal container maintenance: A specific procedure

Our workshop is a silicone-free zone, so we can guarantee our customers (primarily those involved in automotive paints) containers that are contaminant free and ready to use. Access to this area of the company dedicated to container maintenance is restricted; everything going in (containers, spare parts) has to be decontaminated first. Our employees follow special procedures and wear specific equipment (anti-static overalls and guaranteed silicone-free equipment) to preserve this silicone-free zone. We perform systematic cratering tests by sampling spare parts intended for our customers’ containers to ensure they are fully-compatible with automotive paints.

Our recent investments in production resources enable us to keep up with evolutions in our customers’ volume requirements and their more rigorous specifications (short-term target: 10 μm).

Metal container washing process

  1. Receipt of dirty containers
  2. Outdoor storage before cleaning
    1. Drainage, Accessory disassembly; Pre-cleaning 
    2. Stirrer cleaning
    3. Valve cleaning
    4. Valve maintenance
    5. Stirrer maintenance
    6. Immersion bath for cleaning
    7. High-pressure rinse
    8. Reassembly / Leak test
    9. Rinse and final drying, then final quality control
  3. Indoor storage of clean containers
  4. Indoor shipping bay

An eco-responsible approach to container maintenance

Since 1976, we have been supporting industry professionals in an eco-responsible approach to container maintenance. We are reducing the environmental impact of our activity by reprocessing our wastewater on site (site governed by prefectural bylaws) and by neutralizing the fumes from our baths using a washing tower. We regenerate the solvent used for cleaning our containers for recycling.

Finally, we recondition our customers’ containers to maximize their service life and minimize their environmental impact.

Respect for people and standards for metal container maintenance

We pay particular attention to compliance with standards. We can assure extremely high-quality washing and servicing of your metal containers. We provide full traceability of the metal containers that we have serviced and washed for ten years (ten years archiving). We protect our customers’ data in compliance with the GDPR. Last, we have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to personal protective equipment, to ensure the safety of all.