Stainless steel container for offshore

Our metal IBC containers for the petrochemicals industry, and specifically for offshore platform operators, have been specially engineered and designed to meet the requirements of this sector. This industry requires continuous quality checks and testing to comply with very strict specifications.

We guarantee the traceability of materials and weld quality (X-ray inspection), provide full technical documentation, as well as testing performed by independent bodies for your offshore IBC containers.

Our solutions completely isolate your chemical products from the external environment to guarantee their integrity throughout their storage. All our offshore containers have undergone prior in-depth studies and are designed by our engineering design office in accordance with current international regulations. We guarantee the quality of our metal containers through inspections at every stage, from design to manufacturing.

All our equipment (lifting beam, lifting hook, cradle, etc.) is DNV accredited, so we can guarantee containers and cradles for transportable containers.

To meet the requirements of this sector, we offer only stainless steel containers: 304L/316L/316TI STAINLESS STEEL

Our offshore containers are available with four different capacities:

  • 500 litre offshore container
  • 1,000 litre offshore container
  • 1,500 litre offshore container
  • 2,000 litre offshore container

We have also developed a range of specific systems for offshore containers, with cradles for one to three containers and lifting beams for the cradles.

Technical specifications of our offshore containers

Our offshore containers have a 500 to 2,000 litre capacity to meet all your needs and to store your products. They are made from heavy-duty materials to withstand any type of pressure and impact. Our high-quality structures, like the stainless steel offshore container, are designed to fit perfectly into the environments in which petrochemical industry professionals operate on a daily basis.

  • 304L/316L/316 TI stainless steel construction
  • 500 litre to 2,000 litre capacity
  • Ball valve (DN40) with ATEX-rated PTFE seal
  • Manhole (DN460)
  • Flat cover and bolted clamp made of 316L STAINLESS STEEL
  • All types of top-mounted delivery nozzles (Staubli connector, pressure gauge, etc.)
  • Overpressure/underpressure relief valve +0.25 bar/-0.05 bar
  • Handling by pallet truck, forklift or hoist using lifting lugs
  • UN-approved / packaging group II, III / ADR/RID/ADNR/IMDG
  • Stackable two on one full/three on one empty

Advantages of the offshore storage container for your industry

The metal offshore container offers many possibilities for storing and preserving your products. The IBC for the petrochemical industry is perfectly hermetic, with uniform full-penetration welds to prevent retention zones.

Advantages of the offshore container:

  • Preserves the properties of your product (hermetic seal)
  • Uniform, full-penetration welds (no retention zone)
  • Cost optimization (reusable and long service life)
  • Protects against UV radiation
  • Traceability and tracking at all design and manufacturing stages
  • Easy to transport and stackable to optimize storage space

Want to adapt your IBC for the petrochemicals industry?

All petrochemicals containers in our range can be fully modified and customized.

Backed by 46 years of experience in designing metal containers for offshore uses, our engineering design office creates your containers based on your specifications.

The expertise and know-how we have acquired from offshore professionals ensure we can offer you solutions adapted to the challenges your sector faces. All offshore IBC containers in our range are available in small, medium or large series. When you choose NCS, you’re choosing a high-quality service and a container with impeccable finishes that will last for many years and will meet all your industrial needs. Contact our teams by phone or directly from the contact page of our website, and together we will develop a custom project for your metal offshore IBC.