Stainless steel container for food

Our metal IBC containers for the food industry have been specially engineered and designed to meet the requirements of this sector. This industry requires continuous quality checks and tests to comply with very strict specifications.

We guarantee food-grade containers with materials and welds that eliminate retention zones, as well as testing performed by independent bodies. Uniform, full-penetration welds ensure storage with no retention zones.

Our solutions guarantee the integrity of the properties of your contents throughout their storage by completely isolating them from the external environment while also meeting food standards (compliant with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004). All our containers have undergone prior in-depth studies and are created by our engineering design office in accordance with current international regulations. We guarantee the quality of our stainless steel food containers through inspections at every stage from design to manufacturing.

We offer a wide range of discharge systems: gravity discharge with removable door, butterfly valve, ball valve, etc.

To meet all our customers’ requirements, our containers for food are available in a variety of materials, including: 304L/316L/316TI STAINLESS STEEL and 5754/6081T6 ALUMINIUM.

All our containers are fully configurable (removable base, delivery nozzles, valve type, seal type, etc.) so we can also meet specific requests.

Standard specifications of the container for food

Our container for food is available with a stainless steel or aluminium construction. Storage capacity varies from 200 to 3,000 litres depending on your needs. We adapt our 1,000 litre food container to your specifications to provide a custom-made solution that specifically meets your food content protection and storage needs.

Below are the standard specifications of the metal container for food that we offer the industry:

  • 304L/316L STAINLESS STEEL or 5754/6081T6 ALUMINIUM construction
  • 200 litre to 3,000 litre actual capacity
  • Stackable two on one full
  • Food-grade seal
  • Gravity discharge through swinging door, butterfly valve or ball valve depending on the model
  • With or without manhole depending on the model
  • Handling by pallet truck, forklift or hoist using lifting lugs

Advantages of the stainless steel food container

The stainless steel food container offers many options for storing and preserving your food products. It can be used as a stainless steel food container for transporting your goods or simply to preserve the properties of the contents.

Advantages of our metal IBC for food:

  • Preserves the properties of your product (hermetic seal)
  • Uniform, full-penetration welds (no retention zone)
  • Cost optimization (reusable and long service life)
  • Protects against UV radiation
  • Traceability and tracking at all design and manufacturing stages
  • Easy to transport and stackable to optimize storage space

Want to adapt your food IBC to your specifications?

For over 46 years, NCS has been assisting food professionals with the manufacture and maintenance of stainless steel food containers. Our know-how acquired from food professionals means we can offer innovative solutions adapted to the challenges you face every day. All food containers in our range are fully modifiable and customizable.

Our engineering design office creates your metal food IBC based on your specifications. Whether a 1,000 litre food container, small, medium or large series, we provide a high quality service and a product with impeccable finishes that will last many years and meet all your expectations. Don’t wait. Contact our team and together we will define the stainless steel food container that will provide optimal and safe storage and preservation for your food products.