Conteneur cylindrique DHP 3000

DHP 3 000 cylindrical container

Discover our DHP 3 000 cylindrical container, specially developed for industry professionals. Our high-quality pressurized container is the fruit of over 46 years of experience and know-how with companies in all sectors. Our solution offers many storage possibilities for your containers and will last for many years. For more information, contact our team directly by phone or from the contact page on our website.

Technical specifications of the DHP 3 000 cylindrical container

P265GH STEEL construction.

Maximum 3,000 litre usable capacity. Depending on your needs, our engineering design office can customize the structure dimensions to accurately comply with all your specifications.

Other specifications of our pressurized container for liquids:

  • Self-supporting design
  • 1,600 mm diameter ferrule
  • Emptying through ball valve (DN50) HDPE holding tank under PPFV drain valve
  • Retention collar at the top
  • All accessories (valve, faucet, fitting, connector, plug) are made of PPGH
  • Interior access via manhole (DN500)
  • 20 mm thick bolted cover
  • Double safety valve system (0.65 b for transport, 1.5 b for on-site working pressure)
  • Wide range of seals (Viton, EPDM, PTFE)
  • Non-removable handling base with lugs on four sides (1680 x 1680 section)
  • Walkway for manhole access
  • HALAR coating, 800 µm thickness for corrosive chemicals such as bleach, hydrochloric acid 33%, sulphuric acid 96%
  • Lashing rings

Advantages offered by the pressurized container for liquids

A sustainable and perfectly ecological design, an eco-responsible solution offering several advantages for the storage of your products:

  • Long service life
  • Can be reused again and again
  • 100% recyclable


  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • CE according to the DESP standard for a working pressure of 1.5b

This pressurized container has been designed and developed to facilitate cleaning and ensure efficient emptying. It also optimizes loading volume.

DHP 3 000 container design and construction:

  • Closed fork pockets secure handling for moving by forklift truck
  • Pressurized draining up to 1.5 b

Depending on your application, we have a wide choice of seal types and hardness, to guarantee a perfect seal and compatibility with your products.

An engineering design office at your disposal for the DHP 3 000 cylindrical container

Dimensions, accessories, finishes: with NCS, you control the entire production of your DHP 3 000 cylindrical container. Our engineering design office is at your disposal to configure your container:

Bureau d'étude

Dimensions (height, footprint)

Construction étudiée

Accessories (cover, clamp, valve, outlet connection, label support, vibrator, top inlet)


Finishes (pickling/passivation, RAL paint colour of your choice)

Additional information on our range of cubic containers

DH300029902320 1680×1680 XHALARGRC BOTTOMDN50 UN/ADR/CE