Manufacturing of metal IBC containers since 1976

A range of standard metal IBC suitable for all business sectors

Business sectors: Chemicals | Cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals | Food | OffShore



Our range of standard containers for the chemical industry has been developed to ensure your product's physico-chemical properties are preserved thanks to an appropriate choice of manufacturing materials. Our chemicals containers are available in two versions: liquid and powder. As the transport of dangerous goods is highly-regulated, we offer these containers with ADR/UN accreditation.

Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have quite similar standards in terms of storing raw materials or finished products, which is why we have developed a specific range for these two sectors. We supply hermetically-sealed containers that completely isolate your product from any possible external interactions. We can supply containers for both powders and liquids, to meet all your needs.


The food industry requires flawless design and high-quality manufacturing. Our range of containers dedicated to food processing fully meets industry requirements. We offer our range in several materials, with standard models meeting the majority of needs in this sector. Our containers are isolated from external contamination and can be used under pressure. By using uniform, full-penetration welds, we guarantee that there are no retention zones.


Our range of Offshore containers meets the stringent requirements of the petrochemical industry. In order to achieve this, we guarantee thorough testing, particularly via x-ray inspection for welds, material traceability, and testing by independent bodies (such as DNV). These containers make safe the handling of your hazardous liquids. We also offer a range of specific accessories for this industry. Our ranges of offshore containers and accessories are approved to EN 12079 by DNV.


Thanks to our 40 years' experience in manufacturing metal containers and our Engineering Design Office, we are able to meet all of your needs with precision. We are able to design containers perfectly adapted to your manufacturing process and thus meet every detail of your specification. We can design appropriate solutions from just a simple idea or in order to meet a specific specification. We have already responded to more than 500 special requests for containers that required a full design study.