Manufacturer of metal containers since 1976
Independent washer since 1998

  • The Gallay Conteneurs et Systèmes group is founded in the Paris region for the manufacture of metal containers.

  • The Gallay Conteneurs et Systèmes group develops a site in the North of France at Saint Amand les Eaux. This site is focused only on manufacturing.

  • GCS arrives at the current site. This new site announces the group’s arrival as a force on the precision-washing market, as well as a step up in production.

  • The Mauser group acquires the Gallay Conteneurs et Systèmes group, creating Mauser France.

  • S.F.H. group acquires the metal container manufacturing activity from Mauser through the company Nordtole.

  • The Mauser France site at Saint Amand les Eaux is acquired by the S.F.H. group and becomes:

    Nordtole Conteneurs et Systèmes

  • €1.5m investment strategy:

    • Improvement of the washing process
    • Modernisation of the manufacturing process
    • Complete website redesign
    • Creation of customer platform
    • New international strategy