NCS-FBLD cubic container

Since 1976, we have been assisting industry professionals with their liquid container projects. Our range of containers includes the NCS-FBLD cubic container, which offers many possibilities for storing and protecting your liquid products. Please contact our teams by telephone or from the contact page of our website to develop your industrial project.

Technical specifications of the NCS-FBLD cubic container

Our liquid container is available in a variety of materials:

  • 304L, 316L and 316TI STAINLESS STEEL for applications
  • S235, S355 STEEL

The NCS-FBLD cubic container has a 590 to 3,000 litre useful capacity. Our engineering design office can provide customization services to meet all your needs.

Other specifications of our cubic container:

  • Self-supporting design
  • Emptying through butterfly valve or ball valve for diameters ranging from DN25 to DN80
  • Valve outlet connection of your choice (DIN or SMS threaded, camlock or Guillemin couplings, etc.)
  • Inner access via manhole (DN 400 or DN460)
  • Wide range of seals (silicone, Viton, EPDM, PTFE)
  • Fixed or removable handling base with lugs on four sides, available in 304L and 316L stainless steel, and painted or galvanized steel
  • Stacking corners/lifting lugs

Various closure alternatives are available depending on your needs:

  • Flat cover with bolt clamp or lever clamp
  • Hinged cover with six swing bolts

Advantages offered by the NCS-FBLD cubic container

The NCS-FBLD liquid container is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that offers several advantages:

  • Long service life
  • Can be reused again and again
  • 100% recyclable

The cubic container design is certified:

  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Standard CE1935/2004

Plus, it has been developed and designed to:

  • Ensure efficient drainage with angled hopper
  • Be easy to clean
  • Optimize loading volume

Designed and proven construction:

  • Stackable three high (two on one) using stacking corners
  • Closed fork pockets secure handling for moving by forklift truck
  • Lifting with a cargo beam using the lifting lugs

This model offers a perfect seal. Depending on your applications, we have a wide range of seal types and hardness to offer you a perfect seal while guaranteeing compatibility with your products.

Custom developments for your NCS-FBLD container

Because some industries sometimes have specific needs, our engineering design office is at your disposal to configure your NCS-FBLD cubic container:

Bureau d'étude

Dimensions (height, footprint)

Construction étudiée

Accessories (cover, clamp, valve, outlet connection, label support, vibrator, top inlet)


Finishes (pickling/passivation, RAL paint colour of your choice)

Contact our team to define the best solutions available to you to store and protect your products safely.

Options available for the NCS-FBLD cubic container

To help you grow your business, we offer many options that can be added to the NCS-FBLD cubic container. Options include:

  • Integrated mixing
  • Internal heater
  • Level probe
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Tracking system (RFID chip, barcode)

Additional information on our range of cubic containers

FBLD01 530 to 1530 860 to 1530 1125×1325 X X 25°/29° 2’’ ou 3’’ UN/ADR/RID/OMI 
FBLD01 A 530 to 1530 950 to 1790 1000×1200  X X 27°/32° 2’’ ou 3’’ UN/ADR/RID/OMI 
FBLD01 A2 600 to 1600 980 to 1880 960×1160 XX 22°/25° 2’’ ou 3’’ UN/ADR/RID/OMI 
FBLD01 B 550 to 1650 820 to 1650 1155×1155  X X 15°/24° 2’’ ou 3’’ UN/ADR/RID/OMI 
FBL02 530 to 2530 860 to 2205 1125×1325 X 25°/29° 2’’ ou 3’’  
FBL03 1030 to 3030 1195 to 2250 1125×1325 X 25°/29° 2’’ ou 3’’  
P1589 620 to 1530 960 to 1530 1000×1200 X X 5° 2’’ ou 3’’ UN/ADR/RID/OMI