Cleaning, servicing, and maintenance of metal IBC containers

A complete service offer: precision cleaning, preventive and curative maintenance

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NCS − Independent European leader in precision-washing of industrial containers

NCS - expert in cleaning, maintenance, and servicing of metal IBC

We have a high-precision washing workshop for metal containers. Our expertise in washing going back more than 20 years has enabled us to not only acquire the necessary skills to provide 100% traceability throughout the washing process, but also to perform high-pressure washing (25 µm dust test). This quality approach is illustrated by the renewal of our ISO 9001:2015 certification. 

Our workshop is a 'silicone-free' zone, making it possible to guarantee our customers (mainly those involved in automotive paints), contamination-free, ready-to-use containers. This area of the company has restricted access; everything going in (containers, spare parts) has to be decontaminated first. Our employees have to follow procedures and wear specific equipment (anti-static overalls and guaranteed silicone-free equipment), so as to maintain this 'silicone-free' zone. We perform systematic cratering tests by sampling spare parts intended for our customers' containers to ensure they are fully-compatible with automotive paints.

The final cleaning operations and quality control are now performed in a dust-controlled suite, which guarantees an environment with minimal dust levels. Our new particle counter will be used to accurately measure the size and quantity of residual dust in each container, enabling us objectively to guarantee a dust level below 25 μm. 

Our recent investments in production resources enable us to keep up with evolutions in our customers’ volume requirements and the intensification of their specifications (short-term target, 10 μm).


Process de nettoyage NCS


An eco-responsible approach

We are reducing the environmental impact of our activity by reprocessing our waste water in situ (site subject to Prefectural bylaws), and by neutralising the fumes from our baths using a washing tower. We recycle the solvent used for cleaning our containers by regenerating it. 

Finally, we recondition our customers' containers to maximise their service life and minimise the environmental impact.


Respect for people and standards

We pay particular attention to compliance with standards. We can assure delivery of extremely high-quality washing and servicing. We provide full traceability of metal IBC containers that we have serviced and washed for a period of 10 years (10 years archiving).

We safeguard our customers’ data in compliance with GDPR. Finally, we apply a zero-tolerance policy with regard to not wearing personal protective equipment, to ensure the safety of all.


Accredited by the French Transport Ministry

We have accreditation enabling us to perform final and periodic inspections on metal containers. The periodic inspections are carried out at 2.5 and 5 years, to ensure safety during the transport of dangerous goods.

By virtue of our dual business role (manufacturer and washer), we also have accreditation to reconstruct all brands of metal containers.

Washing process step

Washing process for metal IBC

A. Receive dirty containers
B. Exterior storage before washing

  1. Empty, remove accessories; prewash
  2. Stirrer washing
  3. Valve washing
  4. Valve maintenance
  5. Stirrer maintenance
  6. Immersion bath for washing
  7. High-pressure rinse
  8. Re-assemble / leak test
  9. Rinse and final drying then final quality control

C. Interior storage for clean containers
D. Interior shipping bay


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