Manufacturing of metal IBC containers since 1976

A range of standard metal IBC suitable for all business sectors 

Business sectors: Chemicals | Cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals | Food | OffShore


We have a very wide range of spare parts (more than 1,000 part numbers) in stock for all brands of metal containers, as well as for systems (stirrer, tumbler mixer, etc.).

We mostly supply our customers with valves, seals, connectors, plugs and lids. However, we also hold stock of a wide range of spare parts: pressure gauge, overpressure/underpressure relief valves, screws, bolts, stirrer paddles, bearings, metafram rings, stirrer shafts, stirrer bowls, cylinders for tumbler mixers, etc.

We frequently supply very specific spare parts; just contact us, we'll do all we can to supply an appropriate solution.

We ship within France and worldwide.


Can't find the right part for you?



A few of the Valves we offer:

  • GRI valve
  • Ribaudo valve
  • Butterfly valve 
  • Adler valve
  • Ball valve
  • etc.



Here are a few of the Seal families we offer:

  • PTFE seals
  • PE seals
  • Food-grade EPDM seals
  • EPDM seals
  • Viton seals
  • etc.

Connectors & plugs


Here are a few of the Connectors and plugs we offer:

  • SMS 
  • DIN
  • Tank Wagen
  • Guillemin
  • Hexagonal
  • etc.



Here are a few of the Lids we offer:

  • Simple Steel / Stainless steel / Alu lid 
  • Lid with swing bolts  
  • Lever clamp 
  • Bolted clamp 
  • etc.