Broad range of systems for all brands of metal containers

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NCS offers a complete range of systems for your containers

NCS designs and manufactures systems for all brands of metal containers. These systems range from the simple lifting beam to a washing station. We have a wide catalogue of products to meet your needs. We can also respond to specific requests − please contact our Engineering Design Office for more information. Our flagship systems are Tumbler Mixers, Liquid Mixers , Vibrating Stands, and Washing Stations.



Tumbler for containers and IBC

The Tumbler Mixer is an original design, engineered and fabricated to perform the following operations within the container itself:

  • HOMOGENISATION of powders or granules.
  • COLOURING of powders or granules using dyes.
  • MIXING of several powdered or granular products together.

The Tumbler rotates a container around one of its own diagonal axes. The product rolls asymmetrically over itself, ensuring efficient mixing.


  • Simplification of handling operations.
  • Quality of mixing on significant product quantities.
  • Flexible operation, no cleaning of the mixer when changing formulation.

We have 2 standard models, but our Engineering Design Office enables us to manufacture special models based on your specification.


Our standard Tumbler Mixer models.

Technical specifications of our standard mixers

  • Constructed in S355 steel.
  • Motor power rating 7.5 kW.
  • Electrical equipment rated for ATEX Zone 22.
  • Cage rotation 8 rpm.
  • Mixing capacity up to 3,000 litres.
  • Container loaded using pallet truck or forklift truck.

Liquid Mixer


Liquid Mixer  for all brands of metal IBC

The mixer is a system engineered and fabricated to perform the following operations within the container itself:

  • HOMOGENISATION of several liquids.
  • COLOURING of liquid with liquid dyes.
  • MIXING of several liquid products together.

The mixer is rotated over itself by a motor independent from the container, meaning it can be used in ATEX zones. We recommend only using a mixer for liquid contents to ensure efficient mixing. We have a broad range of mixers, enabling us to offer mixers for each type of liquid container.

NB: we manufacture special models on request.

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Vibrating Stands for metal containers, all brands


Operating principle of our
Vibrating Stands for metal containers

The Vibrating Stand is a specially-designed system for metal containers. Suitable for all types of containers, it uses a vibrator fixed to the frame to make the container vibrate and so assists discharging of the contents. We have several catalogue models but we can create vibrating stands to match your containers.

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Station de lavage NCS

Our Washing Stations for metal containers

On request, we manufacture spray Washing Stations to suit your containers. We offer stations for internal and/or external washing. We can also add a container drying station to it. These washing/drying solutions are only manufactured on request and are designed by our Engineering design office to meet a particular constraint.

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Advantage for your industry

  • A solution perfectly-integrated into your process
  • Preserve the properties of your product (hermetic container)
  • Full-penetration welds (no retention zone)
  • Cost optimisation (reusable and long working life)
  • Protect against UV radiation
  • Traceability and tracking of all design and manufacturing steps
  • Easy to transport, stackable

A range of systems to match each problem

We manufacture other systems on request, such as:

  • lifting beam (2 or 4 hooks)
  • cradle (1 to 3 containers)
  • adapted pallet truck (power of 1 to 2 T)
  • trap extractor
  • centring frame
  • motor for Liquid Mixer
  • special models manufactured on request

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