Industrial replacement parts

We have a very wide range of in-stock industrial replacement parts (more than 1,000 references) for all brands of metal containers and systems (mixer, tumbler mixer, etc.).

We supply our customers primarily with valves, seals, connectors, plugs and covers. We also carry a wide range of replacement parts for IBC containers: pressure gauges, overpressure/underpressure relief valves, screws, bolts, stirrer paddles, bearings, METAFRAM rings, stirrer shafts, stirrer bowls, tumbler mixer cylinders, etc.

For more than 40 years, we have supplied very specific replacement parts, so contact us, and we’ll do all we can to provide an appropriate solution. We ship within France and around the world, and can adapt to the challenges of your sector to provide the parts that best meet your needs.

Industrial valve

NCS offers a wide selection of industrial valves for your IBC containers and systems. Industrial valves isolate your equipment, regulate flow and pressure or prevent liquid backflow. As a manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves for many years, we provide industry professionals with a wide selection of references to meet any type of need. Ball valve, butterfly valve, etc.: at NCS you will find professional-grade and high-quality parts for your containers.

Some examples of industrial valves we offer:

  • GRI valve
  • Ribaudo valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Adler valve
  • Ball valve

Industrial seals

We also offer a wide selection of standard industrial seals for many potential applications in your containers and systems. Every industrial seal provided by NCS is highly resistant to weather, heat and other extreme conditions. To best meet the specificities of each sector, we offer a multitude of industrial seals: food-grade seals, O-rings, Viton seals, etc. to meet the conditions established in your specifications.

Here are some families of industrial seals we offer:

  • PTFE seal
  • PE seal
  • Food-grade EPDM seal
  • EPDM seal
  • Viton seal